Labby Lane Kennel


Affordable Dog Boarding Kennels & Pet Grooming

Hamilton County

All canine suites have indoor and outdoor areas

* One dog in large run per day
** Two dogs in large run per day
Large suites Single Accommodation or Shared Accommodation $23.00*
Deluxe suites Single Accommodation or Shared Accommodation (2 dogs 42.00) or 7.00 extra for each additional pet $27.00*
Doggy Daycare (please call 24 hours in advance to make arrangements)*30 minutes of play park time each day included. $17.00*


Accommodations     Cat boarding 3 Level Cat Condo                                                                                                       $18.00 a day.*

 Pick and drop off hours after closing at $50

Grooming Rates

Limited grooming is available by appointment Monday through Saturday

Bath for Dogs*
includes ear cleaning
Nail Trim and Anal gland expression

Medium breed under 60lbs

Large breed under 80lbs

Large breed over 80lbs

15.00 ( small breeds under 40lbs)




additional $10-$30 for flea removal   Special Services(by appointment or when boarding)Ear cleaning:Nail trimming/dremeling:

Administraton of medications:

**A small additional fee will be charged per

day depending upon number of medications

and degree of difficulty. Owner must provide

medications and any special treats/food

required to administer medications.

Unaltered Fee: 5.00 extra a day

Cleaning fee for un housebroken pets: 3.00 per day


3 thoughts on “Rates

  1. Thanks for liking my blog post, My name is Shadow, and thanks for your service to our furry kids, they deserve it!

  2. Looking for boarding for 2 large breed dogs for about 45 days. We are moving to Harrison and are purchasing a home set to close the end of October. Do you board long term and what is the cost?

    • Hi Becky,Thank you for your interest in our Facility! I would love to help you, please contact me at 423-316-5038
      So I can get more information about your 2 doggies and your stay so I can give you a quote.

      Thanks Crystal

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